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Do you want to enrich your knowledge through research in IoT?

Our Research Department has been created specifically for you to provide you with relevant information, up-to-date information, references and analysis on issues of interest to the IoT industry.

CASSIoT ™ collaborates with you to provide you with operational research results that will contribute to the growth of your organization.

We have experienced teams of researchers specialized in the field.

To facilitate the search for practical information for the public and all our members and to respond as accurately as possible to their request, we publish each year, many publications and resources:

White papers

IoT and the Canadian economy

The report discusses the most important economic sectors in Canada that could be affected by the adoption of IoT-based technologies. This report will focus on the production sector and will not take into account the evolution of IoT in Canadian consumer markets.

Understanding IoT protocols

This paper will provide contextual understanding of IoT protocols to help potential organizations adopt the appropriate protocol for their IoT solutions. We analyze a wide range of protocols (Bluetooth & BLE, Zigbee & Z-Wave, etc.) according to data rate, network size and power consumption.

Market studies

You want reliable information? CASSIoT ™ distributes market research at an ultra-competitive price for non-members. For the privileged members of CASSIoT ™, they can consult them free of charge. These studies are aimed at key decision-makers or entrepreneurs in the field of IoT and related sectors such as trade, health, energy, agriculture, automotive and consumer goods.

General market studies

With CASSIoT ™, you can develop your business plan through our fundamental market studies related to your business context so that together we can generate the best possible results.

In-depth market research

Thanks to its knowledge of the industry, CASSIoT ™ carries out comprehensive market research, based on in-depth analysis to offer you results-oriented solutions.

Specific market studies

Depending on your budget, CASSIoT ™ carries out for you market research specific to your needs, adapted to your strategic objectives, useful for your decision making to better understand and understand the evolution of your market.

Custom market studies

If you can not find the information you need, custom solutions are at your fingertips. CASSIoT ™ can realize for you a tailor-made study (competitive intelligence, market study, case study).

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we analyze together your request and that we can make you a detailed proposal.