An organization that ensures that all voices are heard

In order to ensure the active participation of all its members in the ecosystem for the benefit of the IoT industry, CASSIoT ™ is composed of two committees which are: the management committee and the executive committee.

Management committee

Our executive committee is composed of our founding members and partners. In addition, we recruit connected industry experts who can contribute to the success of our key projects. The Executive Committee ensures the definition of CASSIoT ™ policies and regulations. He is also responsible for all key projects both internally and externally. The purpose of the Executive Committee is to define the policies and regulations of CASSIoT ™. He is also responsible for all key projects of:

  • Establish market standards with all stakeholders in the Canadian IoT industry such as safety, protocols and environmental friendliness
  • Develop a research mechanism to encourage innovation and support research and development
  • Work closely with IT organizations, government and universities to develop academic programs that will develop IoT-trained professionals





Normand DUPUIS


Executive committee

Our executive committee is made up of our founding members and partners as well as experts from the connected industry and representatives of SMEs. These representatives will be elected to ensure that the voices of SMEs are heard and that they also have the opportunity to contribute to the future of the Canadian IoT industry. The executive committee ensures the establishment of strategies and the assurance of the execution of all decisions made by the executive committee. The role of the Executive Committee is to establish strategies and ensure the execution of all decisions made by the Executive Committee. This committee will also oversee the work of the various departments of CASSIoT ™:

  • Advice and training
  • Marketing and communication
  • Development of affairs
  • Research and publications

President's word


"The first Canadian association dedicated to connected objects was born after the reflection that we faced the lack of community that brings together industry players in Canada, we are destined to build a community of connoisseurs and innovators across the country as a whole. That's why today I propose to become a forerunner of the Internet of Things, and become a member of the CASSIoT ™ universe. "

Our engagement


Creation of an ecosystem between the actors involved in the Internet of Things industry to develop an awareness for IoT, orient our members to the best solutions and increase competitiveness on the national market.


Build a responsible and innovative Canadian reference specializing exclusively in the IoT industry that will contribute to the development of industry standards at the national level, with a view to global recognition.


  • Building a winning partnership
  • Favoring leadership
  • Continuous learning
  • Commitment
  • Ambition


The Canadian Association of Internet of Things / CASSIoT ™, founded in 2014, was created to identify the best industrial opportunities and implement solutions that meet the needs of any organization in the Internet of Things industry.

CASSIoT ™ is an open, flexible and flexible association. It contributes to the success of its members by giving them services with high added value. With this in mind, we will embark on strategic partnership programs to help our future members move towards the best advanced technologies by providing accurate and timely information on topics of interest and action.

In addition, we want to address the complex challenges of connected objects in Industry 4.0 by fostering collaboration and communication. CASSIoT ™ members can include professional contractors in the field as well as small, medium and large companies that operate in a variety of sectors (including energy, security, health, etc.).

Choose the path of change and become a vital player in our ecosystem.

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