Becoming a member

Your CASSIoT ™ membership is beneficial

Why join CASSIoT ™ ?

  • Do you run a technology company that markets solutions for the Internet of Things?
  • Do you want to increase the performance of your business and still hesitate to adopt the Internet of Things?
  • Would you like to develop a career in the connected objects industry?
  • Do you want to create an IoT company that provides solutions for the Internet of Things?
  • You are in the right place ! because CASSIoT ™ offers you what you want and more

Being a member of CASSIoT ™ is to support the vision of a committed association, to share your experience, to participate in IoT industry decisions and to access preferential rates to match your ambitions.

Member benefits provide easier and more economical access to a range of resources and services that benefit any individual or organization interested in the Internet of Things.

Join an association focused on your needs and discover now many benefits for CASSIoT ™ members!

It is important to note that privileges vary, however, depending on the membership categories.

Benefits to members

Special rates for members

Our members benefit at all times from preferential rates on publications, events as well as training and individual consultations with accredited experts.

Participation in the executive committee

This privilege is accessible only to member organizations on the election of permanent members of the executive committee. To participate in the executive committee is to be at the forefront of the association's orientations.


At CASSIoT ™, each member receives a certificate attesting to their membership in the association. Joining CASSIoT ™ is being recognized for its commitment to promoting the Internet of Things in Canada.


We offer members of CASSIoT ™ the opportunity to make themselves known as well as their products, events, job offers, etc., by publishing promotional ads on the website of the association.

Participation in events

It is open to all members at a special rate. In addition, certain categories of members benefit from a number of free invitations to the year depending on their membership option.

Recruitment help

Exclusively for our members, we facilitate the recruitment of qualified manpower in the IoT industry by publishing their job offers on our website. In addition, we grant a free trial period!

If you have any questions about our services, contact us +1 855 255 8934